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Taking Nigeria Shoe Industry Global

August 31, 2010

As we push for the movie industry, we also want to help elevate one of the most innovative shoe making businesses in Africa. The Aba shoe industry in South East Nigeria produces quality that nearly compares with the Italian brands. They lead the African market, and yet they have no presence outside the continent. We want to take this global.

Our initial strategy in both movie and shoe making is to develop a website and then find ways to brand them around respected outlets in Europe and North America. We already have relationships with the shoe makers. Our challenge is mostly execution.

We need networks and outlets where people can go and buy Nigerian made shoes and watch Nigerian movies when they are opened right in US, Canada and Europe. A solid distribution network that will take advantage of the sophistication, quality and low price these brands bring.

If you have an idea on how to do this and execute, email


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  1. mccaffrey permalink

    There are some very great ideas here. Can’t wait to put some of these into action.

  2. Thanks for the info its really helpful.

  3. excellent blog site

  4. betty permalink

    please how can i locate your company.i want to learn how to make shoes. do you run courses to teach people? if you do, how long and how much does it cost? thank you fpr your prompt response

  5. AFRIT permalink

    email us at info@

  6. ifeanyi permalink

    any body interested in learning how to make shoes that reside in Lagos Nigeria should mail

  7. izuulord permalink

    i want to do business with u

  8. onaivi permalink

    how long will it take to learn how to make shoes

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