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The Survey Coordination Act And Nigeria Organized Private Mapping Projects

October 8, 2012

I read with interest the call by the Surveyors to review the Survey Coordination Act of 1962 and its other amen …

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  1. To put things in the right context and perspective, consider my current predicament.
    At the moment, I am preparing to capture over 100,000 POIs with
    hotlinked pictures within Lagos. This will involve physical visits to over 100,000 business locations across Lagos. The initial project cost estimate is
    about N4.5million. I have been scratching my head where to raise this
    money. Supposing I am able to raise the fund perhaps through a bank loan
    with high interest rate and we successfully captured over 100,000 POIs
    for Lagos, will I be happy to voluntarily submit my POI data to fulfill
    the Survey Coordination Act while still thinking of my obligation to my bank?

    This is one of the Rights Management issues that is conspicuously missing from the Survey Coordination Act. Without addressing this volatile
    and contentious issue, the implementation and enforcement of the Survey
    Coordination Act can ONLY work for govt sponsored mapping projects. Compelling private mapping and GIS companies in Nigeria to submit copies of their map data that cost them alot to develop to the OSGOF will greatly make mapping and GIS unattractive to venture capitalists. If OSGOF wants to take up the role of Nigerian map repository, then the Fed govt should invest in the agency to develop new map datasets and not rob Peter to pay Paul.

    If there is a concern about mapping sensitive areas like military installations, properties, etc, the international practice is to get special permission from Nigerian Defense headquarter. There should be a fair and leveled playing field for private company and Geographic Information (GI) innovations to thrive in Nigeria. This Survey Coordination Act will definitely result in stunted industry growth and Nigerian GI industry will remain uninspired.

    In my blog, I offered to connect the review committee with the team that resolved the
    Rights Management for the ORCHESTRA project in 2007 as part of the
    wider INSPIRE project for Europe. There is no reason to reinvent the
    wheel. I was hoping that they can learn from the experience of this team
    to develop a true home grown solution to this issue.

    (Ireti Ajala is a UK based Geo Information Architect)

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